Dramatically Reduces Fuel Consumption While Producing Pure Sine Wave Power!

Power is often generated by inefficient fossil fuel generators which run constantly, regardless of the power consumed. This creates noise, pollution and dirty power which damages equipment and electronics. With a generator running continuously, maintenance and fossil fuel costs are significant and often exorbitant.

In contrast, power generated by CEG renewable energy systems is drawn from proprietary long amp-hour batteries which summon generators (typically only 1/3 of the time, and often not at all) only when batteries need charging, dramatically reducing fuel and maintenance costs. Even greater savings are realized in areas

where fuel deliveries are challenging.

Energy stored in batteries is fed through inverters to produce clean power, free from voltage spikes, drops, ripples and noise.

Stand Alone Capable operation but can accommodate input from solar or wind!

  • Choice of 45-400 KVA diesel engines 
  • Inverter Option 15-80 KVA 
  • Up to 180 KWH of usable energy storage 
  • Three phase switching 
  • IP65 rated 
  • Solar PV panel connection 



Four Models with Tier 4 Generators

  • 80 KWH
  • 130 KWH
  • 160 KWH
  • 180 KWH

Eight Models with Tier 2 Generators

  • 24 KWH
  • 48 KWH
  • 60 KWH
  • 80 KWH
  • 100 KWH